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Project Description
Kodachi is an application launcher and workflow optimizer. Similar to Quicksilver, but for the Windows platform.

More Information

Kodachi is a command system that performs any number of given Actions on Items that are in its catalog. The simplest example is the launching of an application or file. You find an Item, then press <ENTER> to perform the Launch Action on that Item.

Kodachi has three query modes, which can be navigated with the <Tab> key (<Shift>+<Tab> to navigate backwards):
  • Direct Item
  • Action
  • Indirect Item (optional)

When activated via <CONTROL>+<SPACE> (or other customizable hotkey), Kodachi appears in Direct Item mode. This mode accepts your query and finds an Item in its catalog to match your query. You may use the down arrow to move through the list of matching Items. After finding your Item, press <ENTER> and the default Action for that Item (usually Launch) will execute.

If you wish to perform a different Action however, you may press <TAB> and enter into Action mode. In this mode, Kodachi attempts to match your next query with one of the many Actions that are valid for the chosen Item[s].

Kodachi uses a plugin system to allow for various types of items, actions, and notifications to be used. Current plugins include the core plugin (for application/file launching/copying/exploring, text file manipulation, clipboard copying, and standard Outlook-style notification; Weather plugin; iTunes plugin; 8-ball plugin; Web search plugin; System commands plugin; and Firefox bookmark plugin (IE favorites work with Core plugin).

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